Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 3 Of My Raw Food Cleanse

Overall, things have been uneventful.  Contrary to my normal position when starting a cleanse or a fast, I am not hungry.  I have not had any cravings or desire for regular food.  
My husband is a real big meat eater and the smell of meat is almost nauseating and has been for a couple of years. So nothing really new there.  
Inflammation is still at an all time high and one of the biggest instigators in starting and completing this cleanse.
My thoughts right now are that if I achieve the results I am hoping for, this could be a lifestyle change.  I have eaten a high raw diet for well over two years but I have never eaten completely raw.   I am excited for this journey!
So what am I really changing?  My biggest down fall and the thing I crave most is ice cream.  That's also really, really hard to admit but I am sure that is the one thing that has kept me bound to fighting inflammation.
So you are probably wondering what I am eating.  Here is a brief run down of the food items I have eaten over the last few days.
Fruit Salad with organic bananas, organic strawberries and traditionally grown kiwi.
Smoothies with various organic greens and fruit.
Broccoli slaw with homage raw ranch dressing.
Kimchi.  The recipe is listed here on the blog.  Just key "kimchi" into the search box.  
Raw Flax crackers
Organic carrots
Fresh Organic asparagus out of my garden!  This is an all time favorite!  If you have never tried raw asparagus, you have to try it!  Mind you, store bought doesn't taste quite the same but if you can find organic it might have more flavor.  Most of the recipes I use are straight off of the Internet.  Simply do a search for your favorite food in raw form, ie:  raw cookie recipes.  You might be surprised.  There are a lot of great raw recipes out there!  My next recipe:  Raw Corn Chips!  I love corn chips but if you use corn in anything, be sure to use organic as 90% of the corn processed today is chemically grown and genetically modified.

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  1. Ps...I eat and recommend organic everything. The only time I choose a product that is not organic is if organic is not available. The items that are listed as the most "dirty" meaning chemical laden, I never eat unless they are organic.