Holistic Health

Many of our blog posts contain information regarding holistic approaches to attaining optimal health.  Perhaps you would like more information or you have an area of concern that has not been addressed here.

I offer health consultations by appointment.  In these consultations we will go over your concerns and I will coach and mentor you through natural means to achieve the desired state of health you wish to achieve.  You are an individual which means everything about you is special which also means you need your own individualized health plan.   Re-unite your mind, body and spirit to become whole!

Here is a list of services that we use to help you.

Holistic Health Your body is a whole (mind, body and spirit).  Health comes when all three are in balance.  I help you achieve this through emotional counseling, diet, nutrition, iridology, kiniesiology, reflexology, bio-feedback, herbal therapies, aroma therapy and herbal therapies which takes us right back to diet and nutrition.  Your overall health and wellness is directly related to your desire to succeed and I am here to coach you, to be your mentor and to be your biggest chearleader all the way through your health journey!
Iridology: (Reading eyes)  Not only are your eyes the window to your soul, they gives indications of health concerns both past and present.

Kinesiology: (Also known as muscle testing).  Your body is lectrically charged!  You have internal energy which allows us to evaluate your bodies imbalances or energy blockages and then correct them!

Reflexology Techniques: (Pressure points or “reflex" areas that correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body).   Applying pressure to these areas promotes health in the corresponding organs through energetic pathways helping to release toxins, stress and even pain.

Biofeedback:  Take the guess work out of buying nutritional supplements!  Our biofeedback machine measures electrical fluctuations of your body with exceptional accuracy and delivers a report that you can take home.

Herbal Therapies:  Nutrition is key to healing.  Your body will heal itself when given the right tools.  Herbs are food.  We use and recommend Nature’s Sunshine products but we also discuss those two things that nobody wants to deal with...diet and excercise.

Aromatherapy:  The use of natural plant based oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being, rejuvenating mind, body and spirit.  Useful for natural healing. We use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils.

Organic/RAW Food Products:  Live foods, where the enzymes have not been destroyed by cooking/pasteurization.  RAW Honey, Brazil Nuts, Mixed, Nuts, Chia Seeds, Flax seed, Walnuts, Cashews, Hemp seeds, Pitted Dates, Shredded Coconut, Snack items, etc.  We carry all of these and more in our retail store for your convenience.  Diet plays a huge role in how our bodies function as well as emotional and spiritual well being.  Raw and organic foods...gifts directly from God and oh so good for you!