Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's Not a Diet! It's a Change of Lifestyle!

Nutritional rebalanceing is not a diet.  Fat is created to protect the body from toxins and impurites creating unwanted weight.
When a person diets, they may cut calories an exercise which results in fat loss but unless the toxins are removed from the diet and the environment, this leads to rebounding as toxic overload triggers the body's need to create fat.  Resulting in weight regained.

When you rebalance the body by cleansing at a cellular level, toxins are removed from the body creating lean muscle and melting away excess fat.  Keep in mind that proper nutrition and exercise do play important roles.  Oxygenating the body through exercise promotes cleansing on a cellular level.
In order to maintain lean muscle mass and avoid excess fat, maintenance must include nutritional balance and exercise to continually reduce and eliminate toxins from the body.  

What the FDA & the USDA reccommend for dietary intake is a joke.  The food pyramid for what your body requires for nutrition is not even close!  If you would like personal assistance on gaining better health.  Please call (308) 254-5373 to schedule your holistic health consultation.

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