Monday, July 30, 2012

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Although honey can be a fantastic health-boosting tool, using the wrong kind of honey will not give you the health benefits  you expect. A study conducted for Food Safety News shows that at least 75% of the honey sold in the US is actually not real honey, according to Food and Drug Administration standards. In order for honey to be deemed “honey” in the United States, the honey must contain pollen as it would naturally. While the FDA has a strict rule on what is and what isn’t considered real honey, they actually don’t bother to check the honey sold, so many people are consuming fake, nutrient-depleted honey. The simplest potential solution to this problem would be for you to purchase Raw Honey at

Raw Honey has long been among the top superfoods used to treat countless health conditions and boost overall health. Raw Honey can be used to help treat an array of health issues experienced on a daily basis. This amazing bee-product possesses antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties – making it one of the most beneficial foods to consume.
Allergy Protection – As an alternative and natural allergy treatment to drug therapies, Raw Honey has been utilized successfully with many allergy sufferers swearing by its antiallergenic properties.
All-Natural Antibiotic: Raw Honey is known to help speed the healing of wounds. One study published in the journal Microbiology found that honey prevented a type of streptococcus from inhibiting the healing of wounds. Researchers conducting the lab tests found that even the smallest amount of honey was enough to kill off the majority of bacterial cells on the skin which infects the wound site. There is a potential that Raw Honey could even be utilized to prevent wounds in the first place.
Other research shows how Raw Honey could be a potent answer to drug resistant bacteria like MRSA. In fact, some researchers have come to the conclusion that Raw Honey could even be more effective than antibiotics in many cases; after examining how the superfood can prevent and fight serious skin infections. After a skin injury like a cut or a scrape, bacteria can penetrate the wound site but scientists have found that Raw Honey can destroy such bacteria and can even painlessly remove pus, scabs and dead tissue from wounds and stimulates new tissue growth.
Soothes Coughs and Eases Colds - Perhaps among the most employed health benefits of honey, this superfood can be used to soothe coughs or ease colds. A mixture of organic, raw vinegar and Raw Honey provides soothing relief for sore throats and helps stop the tickle that stimulates coughing. Raw honey — with all its components including royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen — is high in nutrients and enzymes, which kill bacteria and viruses. Children, given just a little bit before bed often sleep better and cough less than if given nothing.
Further adding to the health benefits of Raw Honey, this super food:

• Increases calcium absorption.

• Can increase hemoglobin count and treat or prevent anemia caused by nutritional factors.

• Can help arthritic joints.

• Works as a natural and gentle laxative, aids constipation.

• Provides instant energy without the insulin surge caused by white sugar or corn syrup.

• Contains a wide array of trace minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, chromium, manganese and selenium, which are critical for healthy cellular insulin sensitivity and blood sugar balance. Raw honey does have an effect on blood sugar and contains approximately 53% fructose, so one should only consume this superfood in moderation. For those with diabetes or blood sugar concerns it is suggested that only 1 teaspoon per day of the Raw Honey be consumed.  1 teaspoon of honey per day is said to be enough to fight most alergy symptoms.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tomatoes and Avocados - Why You Should Eat Them Together?

It is really no surprise that tomatoes and avocados are healthy for us; but what is it about this combination that makes these two foods go from merely good to super healthy?

Tomatoes, which contain the antioxidant lycopene, are considered a SUPER food. Eat some avocado at the same time and you've got a SUPER SUPER food -- the healthy fat in the avocado helps the body absorb seven times more lycopene.

Getting more lycopene is important because it has been found to play a big role in the prevention of cancer, inflammatory diseases, and age-related illnesses such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The medicinal powers of garlic have been used by herbalists for centuries. As a matter of fact, there has been more written about the wonderful benefits of garlic than any other food source known. Its history dates back 3,500 years. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was the first to write that garlic was an excellent medicine for eliminating tumors. The Codex Ebers, an Egyptian medical papyrus dating to about 1,550 B.C., mentions garlic as an effective remedy for a variety of ailments, including high blood pressure, headache, bites, worms, and tumors.
Recent studies on garlic have shown that it kills insects, parasites, bad bacteria, and fungi. It also eliminates various tumors, lowers blood sugar levels, lowers harmful fats in the blood, and prevents clogging of the arteries. Researchers have also shown that allicin (the organic compound which gives garlic its aroma and flavor) acts as a very potent antioxidant.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Raspberry Energy Booster Smoothie

Skipping meals is probably one of the worst things you can do for your mood, your metabolism and your over all health. Without sufficient energy (calories/carbs) our bodies are forced into survival mode. This means fat storage, fatigue, headache, moodiness and sometimes even hormonal imbalance. By making sure you’re getting enough during the day, you can experience life to the fullest.

Granted, it’s easier said than done but smoothies are a quick easy method for staying nourished especially when you are on the go! They are packed with anti-oxidants and essential vitamins that help protect your immune system, keep your skin healthy and your body hydrated. 
  • 2 Frozen Bananas
  • 1 cup Frozen Raspberries
  • 1 cup Pineapple
  • 2-3 cups Coconut Water or Water
Instructions: Blend all ingredients together for 30 seconds or until you reach the consistency you desire and enjoy!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Have you laughed today? 6 Year olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.

Research has shown that the health benefits of laughter are far-ranging. While more studies need to be done, studies so far have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, and even increase immunity.

Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol
, epinephrine (adrenaline), dopamine and growth hormone. It also increases the level of health-enhancing hormones like endorphins, and neurotransmitters. Laughter increases the number of antibody-producing cells and enhances the effectiveness of T cells. All this means a stronger immune system, as well as fewer physical effects of stress.

Be Sure to use only Organic/RAW Apple Cider Vinegar!

Personally, I prefer Bragg's

Monday, July 9, 2012

An Apple A Day....

Overweight and obesity continue to plague a majority of men, women and children alike, placing them at considerable risk for heart disease, diabetes and fatty liver disease as a result of chronic metabolic dysfunction. Alternative health practitioners understand that the problem is the result of much more than a simple 'calories-in, calories-out' equation, as refined, synthetic foods provide the dominant source of calories in most modern diets. Our genetic structure does not support a high yield of calories from unnatural sources, and we rapidly become metabolically 'broken.'

Researchers from the University of Iowa, publishing the result of their work in the journal PLoS ONE, have found that a substance known as ursolic acid reduces obesity and its associated health problems by increasing the amount of muscle and brown fat, two tissues recognized for their calorie-burning properties. Ursolic acid is highly concentrated in the skin of apples, and can now be added to the growing list of natural compounds (including green tea and green coffee bean extracts) that increase metabolism and directly influence gene expression to aid weight management and health issues.

Ursolic acid from apple skins triggers weight loss and improves metabolic dysfunction

The study, conducted on mice that have demonstrated similar metabolic characteristics to humans, involved feeding a high-fat diet over a period of three weeks to test for weight gain or loss, and comparing to a control group. Prior studies have shown that the active natural compound, ursolic acid, increases muscle mass and also stimulates the production of metabolically active brown adipose tissue. Recent studies have shown that this type of fatty tissue is associated with reduced body weight as compared to white adipose cells known to expand and store excess body weight.

The lead study author, Dr. Christopher Adams commented "Since muscle is very good at burning calories, the increased muscle in ursolic acid-treated mice may be sufficient to explain how ursolic acid reduces obesity. However, we were surprised to find that ursolic acid also increased brown fat, a fantastic calorie burner." The mice that received a high-fat diet along with ursolic acid derived from apples gained less weight and their blood sugar level remained near normal. Ursolic acid-treated mice also failed to develop obesity-related fatty liver disease, a common and currently untreatable condition.

Dr. Adams concluded "Our study suggests that ursolic acid increases skeletal muscle and brown fat leading to increased calorie burning, which in turn protects against diet-induced obesity, pre-diabetes and fatty liver disease." The researchers used a low concentration of ursolic acid equivalent to eating one or two apples each day to conduct their study. An apple a day, along with a natural food diet void of refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated fats may be just what the naturopathic doctor ordered to control obesity and prevent metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease.

Sources for this article include:

Food: A Direct Connection To How You Feel

Ever wonder why you are in pain, feeling tired and sluggish, frequently sick, have less than radiant skin, or just can't seem to focus? The answer may very well lie in the meals you eat on a daily basis. Food plays a direct role in why you feel the way you do. Making smarter choices by incorporating natural, raw foods into your diet will help to alleviate common symptoms and allow you to live a healthier, symptom-free life.

Processed, chemically and genetically altered foods wreak havoc on your body, especially when ingested regularly over long periods of time. Chronic pain, learning disabilities, increased medical bills, fatigue, frequent illness, sleep disturbances and irritability can occur when nutritionally poor food choices are made on an all too regular basis. Animal products, sugar, artificial colors, preservatives and chemical sweeteners have negative, long-term effects on the body. Below is a list of common foods in the American diet and some of their associated negative health effects.

• Sugar: diabetes, obesity, vitamin loss, learning/behavioral disabilities

• Animal proteins: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer risk

• Chemical sweeteners: carcinogenic effects, migraines, nervous system damage

• Artificial preservatives/colors: promote cancer, liver detox overload, ADHD

• Decreased fiber: increased risk of colon cancer, cardiovascular disease

The age old adage, "you are what you eat," is more true today than ever before; eat badly, feel bad; eat well, feel well. Foods in their natural state provide the body with the necessary fuel it needs to function optimally. Minimally processed foods contain a high vitamin content, natural fiber, antioxidants, and lower calories.

• Raw fruits/vegetables: high vitamin content, fiber, phytonutrients, good carbs

• Dried beans/lentils: high in protein, fiber, iron

• Chia seeds: natural source of omega-3's, fiber, protein

• Nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, Brazil): healthy fats, vitamins, protein

• Green tea: cancer fighting, improved cognition, antioxidants, lowers cholesterol

• Almond/Coconut milk: High in vitamins, especially Vitamin D and calcium

• Fresh garlic: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal

People who eat "clean" reap the health benefits both inside and out, including: clearer skin, less pain and sickness, decreased prescription medications and medical bills, improved sleep, energy levels and mood, and an overall improvement in their quality of life. Healthier eating is not a diet; it is a lifestyle change that your body will thank you for, today and in the future.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Peppermint for Pest Control

One of the most effective "critter" repellents is peppermint. Ants, mice, flies and fleas will avoid its aromatic goodness.
Make your own spray by combining 1 teaspoon of peppermint essential oil with 2 ounces of vodka in a spray bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water. To use, shake well and spritz wherever these pests are a problem.
To discourage fleas from taking up residence in your carpets finely grind 1/4 cup of dried peppermint and mix with one cup of baking soda. Sprinkle your carpet liberally and let set for at least an hour-overnight is even better. Vacuum thoroughly. Added bonus- your room will smell fresh!

You can get Peppermint oil through me it runs $30 per bottle and is excellent for a number of health issues as well.  It's exceptional for fighting ear infections and ear pain.

Friday, July 6, 2012


When we’re feeling sick, we look at the medicine cabinet to see what pills we can take. We should check out the pantry instead. Many everyday ingredients can treat different ailments and unlike drugs, they are inexpensive and with less side effects.

1. HONEY is good for cuts and scrapes. It has three powerful components: sugar for absorbing moisture so bacteria can’t survive, hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and propolis to kill bacteria. Plus, the honey dries to form a natural bandage. Just spread thickly over the infected area.

2. OLIVE OIL is actually the basis of many skin moisturizers. For eczema, rub olive oil on the skin to keep it from drying out.

3. SPICY FOODS - Good for a stuffy nose or congestion, spicy dishes loosen the mucus by making the eyes and nose run.

4. GARLIC is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and an antioxidant so it has many uses. Take garlic when you have a cold to fight the infection and boost the immune system. Mix together minced garlic, warm water and honey for taste. Leave the garlic in the mixture for a few minutes then swallow without chewing. Another way of taking it is by chewing raw garlic cloves with honey. Repeat every two to three hours. Garlic can also be used for athlete’s foot due to its antifungal nature. Simply rub a clove of raw garlic to the affected area.

5. BAKING SODA is used to remove odor so it makes weird sense that you use it for body odor as well. Sprinkling baking soda on your armpits and feet will reduce the moisture you produce.

6. CHAMOMILE TEA - Wrapping cold, wet tea bags in paper towels can help sooth itchy eyes from colds or hay fever. The tannic acid in tea reduces the itch. Chamomile tea can also be used for calluses. Soak your feet in a diluted chamomile tea bath to soften the hard skin.

7. GINGER has anti-sickness properties so it can help in nausea. Pregnant women can also relieve morning sickness by taking ginger biscuits.

8. TURMERIC is good for treating many skin ailments. It can be used to sooth acne, scrapes and sunburn. Mix several drops of water with ½ teaspoon of powdered turmeric to make a thin paste. Apply the mixture on the blemishes or sunburn and leave for an hour. Be sure to rinse after because turmeric stains.

9. RICE WATER - Bangladeshis have been using rice water as a treatment for diarrhea forever. The proteins in the rice help stabilize the bowel and it’s tastier than any medicine.

10. BANANA - Who knew that aside from being a yummy snack, bananas can be used for bug bites? All you have to do is eat the fruit and apply the banana peel fruit side down on the bite. Hold it there until the itching subsides.

Note: This article is originally titled "Kitchen Cures" and published in written by Denise V. Suarez.



Watermelons are an excellent source of several vitamins: vitamin A, which helps maintain eye health and is an antioxidant; vitamin C, which helps strengthen immunity, heal wounds, prevent cell damage, promote healthy teeth and gums; and vitamin B6, which helps brain function and helps convert protein to energy.

Benefits of Cacao

Are YOU mineral deficient? According to the NIH approx. 80% of people are iron deficient... And that's only ONE mineral!!!