Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Cleansing Fast

As 2012 fast approaches, I am pondering a few things:  My health has improved dramatically in 2011! However, I am still not where I want to be.  I am 30 lbs down but still quite a few to go.  Candida is still a personal problem and one that has exacerbated with all the seasonal goodies around!  Knowing that my desire to get more healthy is top on the list for 2012, I have decided to do something that most people will consider RADICAL!  I have decided to do a cleansing fast along with a Candida cleanse for the first two weeks in January and the best part is, I am asking you to join me! 

If you struggle with excess weight, ongoing health issues of any kind, more than one illness of cold, flu or other illness in any given year, or if you have been on anti-biotics at any time during the last 3 years,this might be the method to help you get on a "fast track" for the goals you have set for yourself in the new year!

Most everyone that knows me knows that I drink 2 green smoothies every day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Why?  We need more leafy greens in our diet and a green smoothie is the easiest way to get them down!  Now, if you are not consuming at least one green smoothie every day, this probably is not for you.  If on the other hand you are just plain sickand tired of being sick and tired, you may wish to go ahead and tackle this.  Warning:  This is a detox, cleansing fast.  Starting this fast and cleansing process will most likely bring about a few unwelcome symptoms such as diaheria, rapid weight loss and could be dangerous if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or other more serious health issues.  Consult your health care professional for medical advice and assistance.

If you are still with me here, you must certainly be ready to tackle a new beginning or two!  Ok, here we go!  I'm going to tell you the process that I will follow for the first 2 to 4 weeks of this new year but prior to doing that, I want to make sure to say, monitoring your health is extremely important when tackling a monumental task such as this one.  It is highly suggested that you create a health notebook to document everything that is going on while you do your cleanse and detox.  Start with weight, how you are feeling right now before you start and then record what happens in your body on a daily basis.  I strongly suggest taking your notebook with you so you can document happening throughout the day as necessary (this helps to alleviate forgetfullness).  Document when you are hungry, what you have consumed, when and what cravings you feel and anything else that might help to establish patterns in your eating habits.

Next, how do you really know if you need to do such a drastic cleanse such as this?  Here are some questions to ask yourself:
1.  Do you often feel tired or sluggish particularly after you eat?
2.  Do you have problems with heartburn or acid indigestion?
3.  Do you have problems with ongoing, recurring illnesses?
4.  Are you overweight or have difficulty maintaining your ideal weight?
5.  Do you have problems with your bowel?  Your bowel should move 20 to 45 minutes after each meal.  If you are not having at least 2 movements each day, you are constipated.  Are your bowels  loose or do you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?

If you struggle in any of these areas, you should consider a cleanse.  This particular cleanse may be more than you can do at this particular time due to work schedules, dicipline factors or even willingness.  I can help you with a cleanse that is more mild to fit your individual needs if that is the case.  Please, don't get discouraged here!  Even the smallest step is still a step in the right direction!  Seriously!  I can help you!  Call me to schedule a time to get together to work on a process that will help you.

Finally, here is what you have been waiting for, the cleanse that I will be doing to start off 2012:
Simple yet not!  I will be doing a Candida Cleanse.  This cleanse is put out by Natures Sunshine Products.  I am a distributor.  The cleanse normally runs close to $125.  With this program, I am running a special and the Candida cleanse will only be $95.  All orders to receive this special pricing must be placed with me prior to January 17, 2012.  Yes, you can purchase with a credit card and the cleanse can be sent directly to your home address.

With the Candida cleanse I will also be doing a fasting, juice cleanse.  For two weeks, this is what I will eat/drink plus drinking ample amounts of water.  Be sure to read the following paragraphs for important information!

Nutrition is key here.  Not just any juice will do.  It is of ultimate importance to use the concept of whole nutrition.  With whole nutrition the entire fruit and vegetable are used.  A blender is the best tool for making juice.  Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables are an absolute must.  Do not use canned fruits.  Dark, leafy green vegetables are the primary nutrient baring ingredients.  The key is to get these into your body.  As mentioned earlier, a green smoothie is the easiest way to get the volume of greens into your body that your body actually requires.  Fruit though good in moderation is simply used to cover up the green! Less is best. :o) 

There are numerous recipes located here under "Nutritious and Delicious" dated Monday, October 17, 2011.  I will post a few more as well. I will also document my results here if you would like to follow or comment.  I will try to make daily posts starting January 2nd though I won't promise! 

GREAT RESULTS!  That's what I am going to get!  Leaps and bounds to greater health!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

School is back in session and that means cold and flu season is upon us.

Prevention: Build your immune system with zinc, vitamin c and pro-biotics. Oil of Oregano is excellent if you feel like something is trying to catch you! Take liquid or capsule every hour until symptoms pass. Warning: warning. It works but It's nasty.

If you do go on to catch something, know these things.

Your body wants to heal itself! When we have signs or symptoms we tend to want to cover them up because that is what conventional medicine has taught us. Take a pill and you'll be better in the morning. Unfortunately what we actually do when we do this is we prolong the misery by masking the symptoms that are actually part of the healing process. According to holistic solutions encouraging the symptoms actually helps your body to rid itself of the problem sooner.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Keep yourself hydrated; it is recommended to drink 1 oz of water for every pound f body weight. A gallon jug is 128 oz. and is one of the easiest ways to monitor how much water you are actually drinking.
2. Go to your local health food store and get some astragalus & pro-biotics, These will help boost your immune system. Vitamin C and zinc are also good.
3. Avoid dairy products while you are sick as they cause your symptoms to be more severe. They cause your mucus to be thick and therefore makes it hard to breath and hard to cough up the yuck. When you do cough be sure to spit it out. Again, Oil of Oregano can be taken every hour under your tongue until symptoms subside.
4. Encourage the temperature by taking a super hot bath. Soaking in Epsom salt and baking soda will be beneficial as it helps to pull toxins out of your body. Sit in that hot bath until you are pouring with perspiration and can't stand it any longer. Then get out and rinse in a cool shower. Go to bed immediately. While you are sleeping the fever will break and you will be on the road to recovery much quicker than if you cover it up.