Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 21 of My 21+ Day Raw Food Cleanse

Well, well, well, day 21 has come and gone!  All is well in the life of a raw food explorer and the food has been pretty good too!  Not sure I am done with all of this.  In fact, I am certain I am not.  I have had more temptations over the last few days but I have not wavered!  I have held true to the calling to live totally raw for the last 21 days!
It's a great time of year to do this as organic produce abounds (just not as much in Sidney, NE)  Eye roll with a :) All I can say to that is, "Thank God for the internet and the ability to order on-line!"  The question now seems to be," How long?"  I'm not sure!  I have enjoyed finding new recipes and the knowledge that absolutely everything I put in my mouth is beneficial!  I feel Amazing!  As I have written before, inflammation was the primary reason for doing this and I happily report it is way down. I am not ready to go back where I was (PERIOD).  I am not willing to sacrifice freedom from pain for a few bites of something that might satisfy the pallet and bring on the urges for junk food and dairy products.  You all know that ice-cream has been a weakness for a very long time.  I can honestly say that I have kicked that weakness.  Dairy is like a poison to my system.  Combine that with all the sugar and fat and for me it is a mixture that literally sets my body on fire.  The taste may well satisfy the longing for covering up emotional injustice (comfort food) but the results are from comforting.
Yes, I will stay on this path for awhile.  I will keep you apprised of how things are going.  So continue in your prayers for me for health and well being, for encouragement and the longing for the healthy body I so much desire.  No-one can ever accuse me of not doing the necessary work to get there.  It can be a rough road but the road less traveled truly is rewarding.  I can tell you this from many experiences and they don't all have to do with the food I eat!  More of that another time!  God Bless!
Oh, weight wise:  I started this brief journey at 221 lbs.  I didn't remove as much as I would have liked but I weighed in this morning at 215.   Not bad for not having added in the exercise that I so desperately need to do!  I will get there!  Check back in a week or so for more updates!  Again, I pray God's blessings upon you!

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