Friday, March 8, 2013

Your body's Waste System - The Scoop on Bm's

It's not a fun subject but we need to be talking about it!  Way to many people are severely constipated eating the standard, Western American Diet and afraid to tell anyone because it's embarrassing. Are you one of them?

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This is a pretty good description on how your bowels should be operating.  If you are eating a balanced diet with plenty of fiber, you should see that your bowel movements are about the diameter of placing your pointer finger and thumb together.  Your b.m. should also be long, like a snake or a rope if your digestion is working properly and should be anywhere between 12 inches and well 26 feet as mentioned above.  I know, it seems incredible.  To top all that should eliminate 2 to three times each day depending on how much you eat.  
Most people think they are regular when they have 1 b.m. per day.  I am sorry to inform you but, "you're not!"  In fact, having just one b.m per day could be setting you up for disease further down the road as all that waste sits in your digestive tract and colon fermenting and rotting.  
Are you one of the people who's digestive tract isn't moving right?  Please do talk about it with a holistic health practitioner or another healthcare professional.  Your health, longevity and even your life could depend on it.
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