Friday, March 22, 2013

More Information on Anti-inflammatory foods

7 Foods that Fight Inflammation


More information on Anti-inflammatory foods

1. Dark, leafy greens
Spinach, kale, and romaine, etc. are all terrific inflammation fighters because they’re rich in antioxidants and other natural anti-inflammatory agents. Yet another reason to start your day with a "green smoothie."  Key "smoothie" into the search box above for a variety of recipes!
2. Turmeric
This pungent spice has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it’s delicious!

3. Flaxseed 
Flax contains omega-3 fats, which are anti-inflammatory. Try sprinkling a little freshly ground flax on your salad, stir fry it in with your veges or throw some in with your smoothie.  They make wonderful crackers too.
4. Blueberries, cherries and other berries
High in anti-oxidants, a healthy choice that tastes good!
5. Broccoli, cabbage, and other cruciferous veggies
These foods are high in anti-oxidants, and they have a natural detoxifying effect. Therefore, you can eat them and cleanse your body of any harmful chemicals that are contributing to inflammation.
6. Chia seeds
Chia seeds are high in inflammation fighting omega-3 fatty acids.
7. Avocados
These luscious fruits are high in carotenoids, which also fight inflammation. They contain easily digestible monounsaturated fat.
source:  adapted from Featured Health


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