Friday, March 15, 2013

Sugar Rant-WARNING!

Ok people!  This is your warning!  I am going to go on a sugar rant.  If you are one that believes that sugar is ok for your body or that you don't need to worry about your sugar consumption, you might not want to read these posts over the next few days! 
That said, here we go!

Sugar is NOT food – Sugar consumption is empty calories with no nutritional value .  Sugar actually causes your body to steal vitamins from other vital organs in an attempt to process the sugar, leaving you undernourished.
Sugar makes you fat – Those callories which are empty of nutrition, they actually get stored as fat.
Sugar causes nervous disorders – There is a clear link between excess sugar and disorders like anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia, because of extreme levels of insulin and adrenalin.
Sugar is the number on cause of diabetes, kidney and heart problems – Excess sugar damages the pancreas’s ability to function properly.  Once the Pancreas is damaged excess sugar is allowed into the kidneys.  Your kidneys were not designed to filter sugar, therefore you begin to have problems with your kidneys.
Sugar is bad for your teeth – Sugar increases the bacteria in your mouth that erodes tooth enamel. Check your toothpaste, one of the culprits  is that many popular toothpastes contain sugar which is not required to be listed the on the label.
Sugar suppresses the immune system - The body works so hard to remove sugar that it is overtaxed, lowering the immune response system and your ability to fight off illness and disease.  Sugar will also throw your body into an acidic ph which is also a great melting pot for illness and disease.
Sugar causes premature aging – wrinkles are contributed to free radicals working throughout your body.  A high-sugar diet promotes free radicals and damages the connective tissue and collagen in your skin.

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