Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cleansing Fast Days 8 & 9

I am tired.  I have been tired for two days.  Emotions are extremely high.  Our little dog died yesterday and that's probably the biggest reason for the unreal stress.  Couple that with increased pain again.  Stress does absolutely ridiculous and terrible things to our bodies.  
Bromelain is said to help manage pain naturally.  One of the best sources of bromelain is raw pineapple.  I juiced half a pineapple an hour ago.  I hope it will work but it hasn't yet.  Generally when I get to this level of pain I am reaching for naproxen sodium which is generally the only thing that will touch it.
I'm still committed to finishing up the 14 days but I must confess there was a little cheat today.  I ate a couple of Brazil nuts.  No excuses, I needed to chew something. 
God is still good!  He is still on his throne!  Praise you Jesus!  
I have figured out two things
#1 It's easiest to do a cleansing fast when there is no one around.  No food sitting on the table next to you like the plate of chicken next to me right now.
#2 Life should not happen when you are going through this process either.  Dogs should not die, family should not visit (loved seeing you mom & Jess, wouldn't change it for anything),  husbands should not cook.  
Love and blessings upon you!  Tomorrow I will talk about the properties of fasting...when to fast, why to fast, how long to fast, etc.

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