Monday, January 2, 2012

Cleansing Fast Day 1

Ready, Set,  Day 1 here it goes!  I am anxious for this for several reasons
*  I am hoping and praying that the Lord will use me to inspire and encourage you to achieve better health as well.
*  I  have done this before and I have an idea of the results I will see (I was a size 20 at one point).
*  I am looking very much forward to less pain, more energy, a greater sense of the Lord's presence and a far better attitude!
*  Currently, I have a lot of joint pain, primarily hips, back and shoulders.  I have a cough.  The cough comes from congestion.  It's a dry, annoying, unproductive cough that comes on when I eat things I shouldn't be eating.  Overeating and eating things I shouldn't also causes my face to break out.  This is where I am .
*  I am looking forward to being comfortable in my smaller sized clothing and silly sloppy in my size 16's.
Here is where I am right now dimensionally.  :o)  I will try to post a picture.
Size 16
Weight 225
Bust 48
Waist 42
Hips 46
Thigh 29
Starting and completing this cleansing fast is a method for cleansing my mind, body and spirit.  I know you may be wondering how that can work.  Cleansing the body is one thing but cleansing mind and spirit?  Well, let me explain....As humans we are interconnected.  Our minds, body and spirit function together as a whole unit.  This is where Holistic health comes into effect, addressing the whole of a person, or mind, body and spirit as mentioned above.
Nutrition plays one of the most important roles not only for cleansing, but also for detoxifying the body  to help it achieve maximum performance.  Now it sounds like we are tuning up a car! Lol!!  Nutrition does play basically the same roll as a tuneup plays for an automobile.  If you put the wrong fuel in your car, things get plugged up or it simply won't run.
Our bodies are much the same however the Lord designed our organs to compensate for each other.  In example if we put a burden on our liver to the point where it has difficulty keeping up, the kidneys will try to filter the same toxins that the liver filters.  Unfortunately, if we are not aware of how our bodies opperate, and we continue to put stress on any one or more organs, we achieve an  acute state of organ colapse as organ after organ works to compensate and cannot keep up with the task.  It's the domino effect creating stress on our entire body system.
Now during this process over the next 2 weeks or so, I am doing a whole juice cleanse.  What that means is I am using whole foods processed through a blender to get whole nutrition.  Dark, leafy, green vegetables provide the best nutrition for our bodies but they don't always taste that great!lol!  I will use whole fruit to cover up the taste of the greens and make my experience a little bit more appealing.  There are recipes posted her on the blog if you would like to try some!  I will also continue my normal daily routine of vitamins and herbs.
I would like to ask for your prayers as I go through this process.  Pray that I will be willig to accept the Lords impressions, continue in His word and follow in his guidance.  Please also pray for my renewed health.  Thank you for your prayers!!
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  1. I am proud of you!!! And I will definitely pray for your health and success. I love you soooo much! And health is a sign of self love that we all are in desperate need of! :)