Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cleansing Fast Day 2

I have been nagging my mom to come see me.  She hasnt' been here for awhile and I have been giving her just a little bit of grief for it.  Well, she and my oldest daughter traveled from Western CO to come see us!  They arrived Monday, the first day of my cleansing fast.  What does that tell you?  Well, no.  I kept up my end of the bargain but my mom might not want to come see me again!LOL!!!  I am making them suffer with me!  They are  not doing the complete fast but they have tried some of my smoothies!  Love my family and the support they give me!! Lol!!!
Day 2 was more difficult than Day 1.  I was hungry for a good part of the day and my pain level seemed more intense than normal but Hey!  I survived!  I did take some extra ginger and tumeric to help lower the pain level.
For lunch I prepared a beautiful salad laden with colorful veges and I didn't take even one bite.  I was certainly tempted and everything smelled wonderfully good!
In the afternoon mom, Jess & I did ionic foot detox cleanses.  That was fun to see the difference in the water for each one of us.  Mine smelled high of chlorine but was pretty much clear without much debris.
In the evening we decided to go to town for supper. There were six of us and we didn't want to rearrange the kitchen or be stumbling over the three dogs confined to that area of the house.
Oya Grill is one of my favorite food stops in Sidney, NE.  With great success, I took my green smoothie with me and tried hard not to drool over everybody's appetising morsels.
Today is Wednesday, Day 3.  My mom will be leaving today and I am sad to see her go.  We have had fun and enjoyed our short visit.  Jess will stay for another day or two.  :o)  I am happy!

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