Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cleansing Fast Days 5 & 6

Today and yesterday have been pretty uneventful.  Just about the same as day 4.  Hunger pains and cravings have pretty much dissipated but it's amazing how the senses are enhanced.  The olfactory senses (the sense of smell) are very awake!  I can smell food that is boxed and has never been opened.  I find that interesting and I wonder if that is the memory of the food in my mind or if it is actually the food in the box that I smell.
I have had several people ask me why I am juicing rather than just eating the raw fruits and vegetables.  I have had people ask why the foods need to be raw and some have asked why are you doing this for such an extended period of time.  Still others have asked what I am doing to get enough protein.  I will try to answer these questions that everyone reading may gain an understanding of why I am doing this the way I am doing it.
#1 According to Holistic health practices disease begins in the colon.  Though this is not a typical colon cleanse, because of the amount of fiber I am consuming it does help to cleanse the colon.  Other than the raw fruit and vege smoothies, I also take psyllium fiber for that same purpose.
#2 Raw fruits and veges still have the life in them.  That is why if you leave them they deteriorate rapidly.  When removed from the original plant, tree, bush or whatever they immediately start the decaying process.  Fresh is best when putting it in your body.  That is also part of the reason when you pull produce straight from the garden that it tastes so much better than what you get in the grocery store.
#3 Juicing is easier on the digestive tract than eating the whole food.  This is due to the fact that the food particles are already partially broken down.  This allows for ease in the digestive process which amounts to less stress.  Less stress equates to the digestive system having time to heal itself and re-esablish the natural functioning properties.  Juicing also allows you to get more in your system.
#4 Juicing also allows a person to get more nutrition (if they are doing it right).  The focus should be on getting a large variety of dark leafy green plants.  I also mix a super food green blend into my smoothie at least once each day to make certain that I am getting ample nutrition.
#5 Protein is a funny thing.  Most people put to much emphasis on how much protein they eat and with that they consume much more than their bodies actually require.  Dark leafy green veges are packed with protein.  In the digestive system they break down far easier than meat therefore the protein is more readily available for the body to absorb. However, these are incomplete proteins so it is vitally important to get a variety including seeds, nuts, legumes and grains (especially on a long term basis).
For me specifically, my body has a hard time breaking down complete proteins.  By giving my digestive system a break and allowing for short term healing, the entire digestive process should become stronger, more functional and more capable of breaking down the complete proteins.
#6 Two weeks may seem like a long period of time to do a fast.  This was a personal decision based on spiritual guidance, my own level of health, and where I want to be physically.  Two weeks is a long time especially if it is not guided by the Holy Spirit.  In fact, I venture to say that without the guidance of the Holy Spirit it is virtually impossible.  I will give more information on fasting in the coming days.
Have a great night!

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