Thursday, April 18, 2013

Personal Reflexions

When I eat whole, raw foods, I find that I feel more energized, happier, ready to take on the world!    My mind becomes a creative energy center and everything in my world moves freely the way it should. It's really quite amazing!
When I get lazy and eat more prepared foods, I tend to feel lethargic, sleepy and overall, simply not well.  I will have difficulty with mood swings, brain fog, constipation and mineral deficiencies which lead to more inflammation and leg cramps from out of this world!
So,I know the solution seems very obvious:  Just eat raw foods! 
It's not as easy as it sounds and maybe you struggle in this area too. 
In my world, I am married to a man who loves to cook. He's a good cook and he loves good food.  He makes certain that he always has these delicious preparations of cookies, confections (and my personal weakness) ice cream available. 
Well, I should be disciplined enough by now to know what is going to happen when I eat those non-food items.  I should be fully capable of handling even the most tempting situations but here's the problem:  For 40+ years, I have eaten the (SAD) Standard American Diet.  I know how good those items taste with their enhanced flavors, msg's and sugary sweetness.  It's often difficult to turn these items down and becomes especially more difficult  when they are offered repeatedly and even with added flair, " This is going to be really good!  Are you sure?" Or a taunt, "Don't eat that, you know it's not good for you!  You know, you're going to eat that!"  As if I don't have my own little voices causing me enough grief, I get the bombardment of opinions from family and friends about what I am missing.  It's a tough road. 
Here is what I have found:
1.  I feel better all the way around when I eat raw foods.  In my life that is not always plausible so I compromise by eating an occasional piece of chicken or fish and some cooked vegetables.
2.  The more I delve into a raw foods diet, the more my tastebuds appreciate real, whole foods and the less desirable those processed foods become.
3.  When I cave and give into that sweet tooth or emotional eating, I always regret it.  Each time is another building block in a walkway toward better choices.
4.  It is a tremendous help and asset to keep a food diary documenting the foods you eat and how you feel physically and emotionally.  In example, by personal reflection, I have helped my husband to recognize that when he eats a high carbohydrate meal, he becomes super sleepy within about 20 minutes after eating.
5. There are numerous raw recipes out there!  Many that substitue healthy food choices for familiar recipes.  You can also take your favorite recipe and substitue healthy foods.  When it calls for sugar, use pure, raw honey.  If it calls for flour, consider using a nut flour or oat flour instead.  These are just a couple of tips that will help you make healthier food choices.
So now,  here are the questions:  Where are you on your health journey?  Do you struggle with emotional eating?  Have you taken inventory of your situation?  What are your personal reflections pertaining to your own eating habits?
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