Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prevent and Treat Acne

Follow these simple tips to help you eliminate acne and have that glowing skin you have always dreamed of. And it's much cheaper and safer than expensive medications and dermatologist visits. The basics...Improve your diet, use organic skincare products, take acne-fighting supplements and you will watch your pimples disappear.

1. Avoid milk and dairy products. nature's perfect food-- only if you are a calf.
2. Eat a low glycemic, low sugar diet. Sugar and flour products all drive up insulin and cause pimples.
3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. People who eat more veggies (containing more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds) have less acne. Make sure you get 5-9 servings of colorful fruits and vegetables every day preferably in a raw form for added nutritional benefit.
4. Get more healthy anti-inflammatory fats. Make sure to get omega-3 fats (fish oil) and anti-inflammatory omega-6 fats (evening primrose oil). You will need supplements to get adequate amounts.
5. Include foods that correct acne problems. Certain foods have been linked to improvements in many of the underlying causes of acne and can help correct it. These include fish oil, turmeric, ginger, green tea, nuts, dark purple and red foods such as berries and green foods like dark green leafy vegetables.
6. Take acne-fighting supplements. Some supplements are critical for skin health. Antioxidant levels have been shown to be low in acne sufferers. And healthy fats can make a big difference. Here are supplements to consider:
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Zinc citrate.
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
7. Probiotics. Probiotics help reduce inflammation in the digestive system.  Poor digestion is often displayed on your skin in the form of acne.
8. Avoid foods that cause sensitivity.  Food allergies are among the most common causes of acne--foods like gluten, dairy, yeast, and eggs are common culprits that can be a problem 

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Now I'd like to hear from you.
Have you struggled with an acne or skin problem? What seems to be a problem for you?

What other steps have you taken to fight acne? What has worked? What hasn't?
Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


  1. I am 33 yrs old and have had cystic ache most my life. Ive been to many dermatologists. Lately I have been looking into holistic medicine. I have tried the green tea in the morning and lemon water all day. It seemed to really help but then I started having heart burn. I stooped drinking the water and now I'm flaring up all over again. Its very frustrating and I just want to find the underlying cause of it all. I plan on visiting u soon! :)

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for sharing. I am happy to help you! Give me a call at your earliest convenience 308-254-5373 to schedule an appointment. It's really about what is going on inside your body that is causing the skin problems on the outside. The best part is it's not terribly expensive and you will feel better, have more energy and feel more confident when you don't have the acne flare ups!