Tuesday, July 9, 2013


1. To become sluggish, uncaring, lazy
2. Cease to flow or move; become stagnant
3. Cease developing; become inactive or dull
4. To be idle: exist in a changeless, hopeless situation

Are you stagnating?

Stagnation can start at work, in relationships, your health, spiritual life or for that matter, any area of your life.  If it has become dull, sluggish, boring....you need to make some changes!  

In order to grow we have to make changes.  For most people change is difficult because we are comfortable.  We know the situation and how to face it each day.  BUT, what if there is something better?  What if by getting up and walking for 15 minutes each morning, you find that you have more energy and a better attitude as the day progresses?  What if, you make the necessary changes in your relationships means that you don't despise going to work or seeing the person you are lying next to?  

We cannot change another person or someone else's situation.  We cannot even help them unless they are willing to accept help and are also willing to help themselves.

So we must focus on what we can do to change where we are, how we adapt, how we accept or how we change.

Create some excitement!  
Change it up!
Add some color to the situation!

Live your life!  Love your life!
Veronica Phelps
KISST Organics

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