Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Was It The Flu or Something I Ate?

First of all, let me point out...I don't get sick.  

With that said, Monday night about midnight, I started having all the symptoms that nobody wants.  The aches, diarrhea, and rumblings in my stomach, all the various symptoms of yes, you guessed it, the stomach flu.  All of these wonderful things went on through the night until about 5:30 this morning.
At that time, we had a breakthrough (literally), I threw up.  

Through the night the nausea and diarrhea kept me running (pun intended). After all night and eliminating the salad I had for dinner this morning.  I have decided to do a fasting cleanse.  At the moment however, I am concerned about dehydration.  I haven't been able to hold any fluids for right at 8 hours.

Dehydration can be a very dangerous situation with many symptoms and outcomes of it's own.  When the body is eliminating toxins at this rate of speed, the body is working overtime.  It is critically important to keep hydrated even if the thought of drinking water doesn't sound good or you feel like it's running right through you.  Even if the body is still rejecting fluids, getting water in will help fight the infection that your body is working so desperately to purge.  It will also help to alleviate muscle cramping and pain.

Dehydration is the point where many people wind up taking a vacation to the hospital.  So what can we do to avoid dehydration at times like these?

1. Take in water frequently, even if you don't feel like you want it.
2. Dissolve ice chips in your mouth.  This allows for a cooling, refreshing feel and though it doesn't contain a lot of water, it helps.
3. Sip your water slowly and frequently.  This may take longer to get it in but it tends to settle your stomach better.
4 Using a straw may help especially if you are still bed ridden.
5. Drinking Pedialite will help to replenish lost electrolytes however, be sure to get the one that doesn't have corn syrup.
6. Squeezing fresh lemon or lime into your water will help to replenish electrolytes as well.  
7. Room temperature or hot tea is often easier to hold down during stomach upset.
8. Fresh fruit juice or vegetable broth are also beneficial in 
re-hydration but take care to check the ingredients avoiding added sugars or corn syrup which may cause symptoms to worsen.

Dehydration can cause you can become lethargic, cranky, dizzy and a whole host of other symptoms too. Drinking an appropriate amount of fluids not only hydrates your body but also cleanses your system and helps your body flush out the toxins… transports nutrients… lubricates joints… aids your digestive system… and helps escort waste products out of your body.  Overall staying hydrated will help you heal faster.

So, point of interest.  If you have read this far, I applaud you! Thank you for your focus and your interest!  I was "sick" for approximately 6 hours.  About the time I was feeling better, my husband, Dave came down with the same thing.  I generally tend to eat far more healthy than Dave does but we were out of town this weekend...I am pretty sure we got some bad food.  Dave has been down for about 7.5 hours now.  His bout of this yuck seems to be more difficult.  He has a fever and he's my husband...It seems he needs more babying than I do but that's just a side note!

Here is to your continued health and hydration!  I hope you avoid all food born illness and flu viruses this season!  
Veronica/KISST Organics

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