Sunday, January 6, 2013

Depression and Emotional Slump

Do you ever get down, depressed in a slump where it feels like absolutely nothing has gone right and perhaps never will? 

Poor Eeyore... I think I lost my tail, again.  :(  Pessimistic, gloomy, grumpy and cynical all wrapped up in emotional chaos.

Those days when you really don't want to roll out of bed and you certainly don't want to go anywhere or see anybody, nobody not even your best friend, your spouse and especially not your in-laws?  

Well no offense to the in-laws there, it's not their problem.  The problem if you really assess what is going on is probably your diet.  What we eat directly affects our health and our emotions too.  Lot's of unnatural and processed foods, fatty carb's and probably a good intake of sugar too are often the culprits eaten over the last few days leading up to a major slump leaving us feeling emotionally our of balance, dis-interested, listless and even lethargic.  

The slump is a slump of the digestive system, congestion everywhere and probably a pretty good bout of constipation too.  Most of the time when you get back on a good healthy regiment of fruits and vegetables, vegetables and fruits with maybe even some added fiber like psyllium husks, things will get moving again.  Add moderate exercise and you will find that your slump simply just slinks away.  You can litterally flush it down the drain! 

No more blues and dissatisfaction with the entire world.  No more blahs and bah humbugs, no more regrets, it's time to move on and get back in the groove!

What have you noticed contributes to your mood swings and depression?  What do you do to combat these issues?

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