Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Perhaps A Liver Cleanse Would Be Helpful?

Supporting your liver may just be the missing key to your optimum health!

But how do you know if a liver cleanse would be helpful?  Well, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms posted in the previous post, "Your Liver-Is It Toxic?" then it will be advantageous for you to consider doing a liver cleanse.  Take that one step further, it will be advantageous for you to actually do a liver cleanse. 

Your liver is an amazing filter and the first line of defense for your immune system.  The liver has over 300 responsibilities the main of which is to filter and cleanse your blood.  When your liver is not functioning correctly a whole slew of symptoms of illness can occur.

The liver has two blood supplies, one comes from the lungs and heart and the other from
the stomach and intestines. The blood comes in and goes through the filtering process to remove all of the impurities out of the blood. It gets oxygen from the lungs, it gets nutrients from the small intestines and stomach.  Then the red blood cells are released through the other end of the liver.  When the liver works properly is is all clean and happy with plenty of oxygen, nutrients and the strength to fight off toxins.  If your liver is overloaded with to many toxins the blood get disbursed without being completely clean.  It still has the oxygen and nutrients attached but it still has chemicals, msg's, gmo's, preservatives, nitrates, carbon dioxide and any host of other toxins that have not been removed from the red blood cells.  As your blood pulses throughout your body to feed and nourish the cells and provide oxygen, each cell has to be able to accept these nutrients and release carbon dioxide along with any other toxins. So it pulls in and uses the oxygen, the foods
and nutrients, and creates ATP,
which is the energy to the cell.

The foreign items to your body are the toxins.  The cell recognises foreign items as toxins and literally builds a place within the cell to house the toxins. Over time, the house full of toxins becomes larger sending a message to the brain in the form of symptoms or dis-ease.

The liver secretes vital digestive juices that help properly digest food and cleanse the blood. Chemicals, pesticides, polluted air, preservatives in our food and water supplies are inhaled
and absorbed daily. Our exposure to toxins is increased by our use of steroids, medications,
smoking, over-indulgence of alcohol, poor food choices, and not drinking enough fresh clean water. There are over 2,000 untested, synthetic chemicals approved by the FDA for use in our foods. Many of these have been proven to cause cancer!

With all of these toxins, it's no wonder that your liver is working harder than ever to detoxify your body and regulate healthy metabolic activity. The liver is also in charge of helping regulate and balance hormones and the proper functioning of our neurological system.

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