Thursday, December 13, 2012

Common Cold & Constipation, Is There a Connection?

Have you ever noticed when you get the onset of a cold that you also tend to be constipated?
What is happening in your body is that your immune system has been shut down to conserve energy while your digestive system is overloaded in trying to remove the excess toxic waste that has accumulated in your lower intestines, colon and/or bowel.  
Digestion always produces toxins but when digestion is sluggish and things are not moving correctly, everything gets backed up and can lead to many symptoms of immune deficiency including the common cold or flu.  
Constipation can be caused from several different means:  
Not drinking enough water.
Eating the wrong foods
Little to no fiber in the diet 
however the bottom line is feces are remaining in the bowel to long becoming hard and dry.
One of the best methods for control of constipation is to avoid adding additional food at this point.  Consuming lemon water,  apple cider vinegar, broths, tea, and raw fruit or vegetable juices will help to get things moving again.
To avoid the constipation situation and yes even getting a cold....keep things moving by making sure you consume a high fiber diet with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables as well as drink a minimum of half your body weight in water each day.  Avoid sugary foods and beverages as well.
Most people do not realize that bowel regularity should be that you are eliminating toxins every 20 to 45 minutes after every meal.  
I know, I know that seems like a lot but get this: You should not only be moving that frequently but the excrement should also be an inch to two inches in diameter and it should be twelve inches to thirty six inches long (in a rope like form) depending on what you have eaten and how much!  Unbelievable?  Perhaps but when it's working correctly you will certainly appreciate that fact!

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