Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That Word Most Of Us Hate: EXERCISE

Our bodies were designed to move!

Perhaps exercise is not a problem for you but it's a struggle for me on a daily basis!  Now here is my confession, "I haven't been working out."  I just started again about 2 weeks ago and I soooo need to do this.  At the two week point, I am still doing low impact and will probably keep it there for quite awhile.  What I have found is that if it makes my muscles sore to the point where I can't move, or it hurts to move, I will quit. We've all heard, "No pain, No Gain".  I simply cannot do it that way.

So if you are like me, start slow and develop a regular routine. Having a regular routine helps to keep you motivated.  I also encourage you to "Mix it up!"  If you find you are getting bored with your routine, do something different.  Try a step class, jump rope, kickboxing, now there's one I would love to do!

There are an abundance of benefits to having a regular exercise routine: 
1.  People who exercise dont' generally get as many food cravings.
2.  Exercise boosts your immune system
3.  It stimulates endorphins therefore it puts you in a better mood (once your done! :o))  This is also benefical for those who eat for comfort or emotional nourishment.
4.  Here's a new one for you....Exercise burns fat!  OK, well it's not new but how many times do we need reminded of this?  Me, sometimes I can be a very slow learner!
5. Perspiration cleanses the pores of your skin, helps your liver detoxify.
6.Movement increases circulation and oxygenation throughout your body!

Not everyone is sporty, and not everyone likes exercise. It's about finding what form of bodily movement works for you. It could just be taking a 15 minute walk or walking up and down stairs.  Maybe for you it means joining a sports team or taking up tennis or running. Other less conventional activities might be dancing, skipping, or a martial art. Whatever works for you!
At his point, I keep it pretty simple, a 30 minute walk followed by lifting.  My goal is to firm and tone.  Your goal may be different, your goal may be to focus on cardio.  Whatever your goal...Get out there and MOVE IT!!!

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