Thursday, August 16, 2012

Easily Grow These Super Healthy Foods!

Here are a few plants you can grow that are beneficial for health and nutrition and excellent in your smoothies or a salad! They are carrots, kale, and cilantro. These three combined offer a bundle of health benefits with lots of intact enzymes and nutrients in an easily assimilated liquid form.  

Blending carrots increases the availability of anti-aging and heart health protecting carotenoids by up to 600 percent as well increasing anti-cancer falcarinol assimilation.

Carrots and kale are easily grown in virtually any garden.

Cilantro offers heavy metal detoxification and can be grown in containers if the soil is deep enough, at least 12 inches, to accommodate its long roots.

Kale is a hardy plant. The seeds can be sown directly or germinated (seeds sprouted for planting) six weeks before frost arrives. Kale is great as the base for your green smoothies recipies and can also be steamed or made with other greens as part of a salad.

To continue, potatoes are very supportive for nutrition and an excellent, inexpensive food source .  The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) declared the sweet potato the most nutritious vegetable of all. You can buy them for planting as "slips" or baby plants online, which is highly recommended. (Source below, growing-super-foods)

The not-so-sweet potato is a good choice for home gardening as well. Its starch can be reduced through slow boiling or steam. Then its protein content is boosted. Personally, I prefer them raw or dehydrated into a crunchy chip like snack.

According to Dr. Geoffrey Harris, MD the nutritional value of the general russet potatoe is underrated. They contain all 22 amino acids easily digested to form complete proteins, and they are higher in potassium than bananas.

Whether growing sweet potatoes or russets, potatoes like to grow in cool weather.  They are hardy plants and easy to cultivate.   If stored for long periods, they should be stored in cool, dark places after they're harvested. Otherwise, they can turn green or sprout too soon and become toxic.

These are just a few suggestions for which easy to grow garden veggies can be the most supportive and easily available during food shortages.

It's always wise to research each plant you desire before gardening, especially picking someone's brain who is local. Most nurseries, garden supply sections of large retail outlets, and some large health food stores can be very helpful.


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