Thursday, August 30, 2012

Does Meat Protein Feed Cancer Cells

I'll Give you the bottom line first:  
If it doesn't support and even boost the immune system...don't eat it!

Cancer cells metabolize foods very inefficiently and generate acidic wastes. The excess acidity also enables cancer to spread by using acid dissolved normal cells as its food source and further compounds an already bad environment.

This is why it is so incredibly important to maintain a balanced Ph within the body. 

A diet comprised mostly of refined foods and meats results in an acidic body chemistry that depletes two critical enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, which are critical to allowing the immune system to build to the capacity of being capable of killing cancer cells. 

Then there are the hormones in meat: 

"Diethylstilbestrol (Des) has been shown by the FDA to cause cancer of the uterus, breast and other reproductive organs. This is an artificial sex hormone widely used in food production. Dangerous residues of stilbestrol are in 85% of all the meat sold in the United States. This is the main reason why 15 countries around the world now refuse to import American meat; 21 nations have a total ban on the use of stilbestrol in food production or processing."
And there is more: 
"Nitrosamines cause cancer of the liver, stomach, brain, bladder, kidneys and several other organs. Dr. William Lijinski, of the University of Nebraska, says they are "perfect carcinogens." When chemical preservatives and color enhancers are ingested, they cause the body to produce nitrosamines. Another source is nitrates and nitrites, which are heavily added to meat during processing. Runoff of nitrates and nitrites from fields sprayed with chemical fertilizers get into aquifers and wells and, when the water is drunk, can lead to cancer... these foods contain amines (which are in cheese, meat, and unrefrigerated foods).

Meat eaters (especially red meat ) are at a higher risk of probability of getiing such cancers as colon cancer and prostate cancer.     

Another reason to reduce or elliminate the intake of meat is the accumulation of fecal matter in the colon. The colon should be relatively clear so that the body can absorb as many nutrients as possible. "All foods which ferment in the bowel should be avoided.

Meat is dead matter, low in minerals, and produces uric acid in excess which is a waste product. The incidence of cancer is in direct proportion to the amount of animal proteins, particularly meat, in the diet. 

Devitalized, processed, and sugared food can also cause cancer. But far more often, when cancer strikes, those eating the junk foods are also eating meat. Nations and groups which consume less meat have less cancer. The high protein diet of Americans is linked to the high incidence of cancer in the U.S. 

Cancer is less a disease than a condition existing in the whole body. Cancer would be almost unheard of if no devitalized food or meats were eaten. Cancer cannot exist where there is a pure bloodstream."

An ACID environment caused by a diet rich in: Diary foods, meats, grain products and sweets.  This is always accompanied by an acute lack of living fruits and vegetables (uncooked and non-preserved)."
Cancer is fundamentally involved with mal-utilization of protein. Oncologists generally agree that the actual cause of death in cancer patients is cachexia, a condition of severe weight loss and wasting associated with protein mal-absorption. In fact cancer cells are able to grow by making the amino acids of protein available for their growth at the expense of the body as a whole. Meat, especially red meat, being the most readily assimilable protein, becomes a banquet for cancer cells. 

And the list goes on.

But perhaps the most damaging evidence that meat is a major cause of cancer are studies of people who went into "spontaneous remission" solely because of a change in their diet!! These people almost universally went from a cooked food, meat-centered diet and gave up their meat, their dairy products, their refined sugar, etc. and switched to a raw food vegetarian diet, and by simply changing diets their bodies were able to cure their cancer!

Also remember that, by experience, alternative cancer treatments have evolved to almost universally exclude meat in the diet.

All in all, the bottom line is to avoid meats or at the minimum, greatly reduce meat consumption as much as possible. 

If it doesn't support and even boost the immune system...don't eat it!


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