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Smoothies and Juice for Weight Loss

Smoothies for Weight-loss
Weight loss is a journey. It takes time, thought and effort. There are no quick fixes. No flab to fab in 45 minutes. Still, we want to help you succeed. 
At KISST Organics we want you to succeed but more important than weight loss, we want to see you achieve your ultimate health goals.  Our blog and recipes are here to empower you with knowledge and healthful tips and our KISST products are always products that you can trust.   
Fresh fruits and vegetables are  one way to improve your health, nourish your body and lose weight.
Aside from the fact that fruits and vegetables are very low in calories and contain no fat, they are loaded with a variety of high quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that help your body function at its best. Our bodies spend a good deal of time trying to repair, detoxify and protect cells. 
When we are undernourished our bodies go into protection mode and store fat for survival.  When your body is functioning at it’s peak condition and being nourished it can then focus energy on fat loss. 
By consuming smoothies, you deliver healthy fruits and vegetables to nourish your body and provide the necessary fiber to keep your digestion regular.  
Why smoothies?  Why not a big organic salad?  Well, you can eat that salad!  In fact we encourage you to do just that!  The fact is most people find drinking a smoothie much more beneficial in that you can get loads of nutrient dense produce packed into a smaller portion and your jaw won't get tired trying to get it all in.

Keys to weight-loss success
Use mostly vegetables and herbs while limiting fruit. Yes, fruit covers up the taste of the greens, etc and masks some of the taste and fruit sugar is better than refined table sugar… but it’s still sugar and when consumed in large amounts will cause spikes in your insulin.  Insulin converts sugar to fat therefore defeating the purpose of weight loss.   
Consider consuming more fruits before and/or after workouts. For the same principle as above, when you work out your body uses more sugar glucose.   

Skip snacking and start drinking smoothies!  Juices are excellent too!  Just make sure you are making your own and not wasting your money on pasteurized juices.  

It seems that most of us get hungry between meals and this is the downfall of many diets. One solution to avoid snacking on less healthy foods just before eating dinner is to drink up a rich, wholesome green smoothie. Generally a smoothie will tide you over until your next meal or at least gets your brain thinking about health-conscious snacks.
Healthy Snacks are great - Cheese and crackers do not fall into this category. Neither does anything that is processed or pasteurized.   Good choices are vegetables, some nuts and seeds (in limited amounts).  Our brains correlate chewing with the digestive processes and helps to build saliva and bile in the liver and gallbladder for improved digestion.  Not only that but chewing releases seratonin, a feel good hormone.  That is why many people turn to food when they are depressed or down trodden.  
Start some healthy habits:   The most difficult part is getting started.  Make the commitment and jump in!  Whether you commit to drinking 1 smoothie each day or several,  that is only a portion.  Make it your goal to eat healthy all day long.  Eating a big bowl of sugary cereal, pizza, burgers or fries defeats the purpose of having the smoothies in the first place.  Granted if you add smoothies to your regular dietary program without changing anything else, at least you will have the benefits of receiveing more nutrition.  It is unlikely however that you will see any long term weight reduction.
Enjoying a fresh juice or smoothie prior to going out or even prior to eating a meal at home will help quench your hunger, provide additional nutrition and help stop you from overeating.   
Change it up!  Get a lot of variety!  Two ways that this works: you don’t get bored and you get a variety of nutrients.
Healthy fats are ok! Nuts, seeds, chia, flax, avocado, coconut oil these all add fiber and fat that will help satisfy your hunger.  Healthy fats and fibers are not only good for you, but will keep you feeling satisfied or fuller - longer. 

Create lasting healthy habits:  Remember, it's not a diet.  It's a healthy choice for a lifestyle change.
Some people start cold turkey.  Others like to test the water with one, slowly adding more as they feel necessary. If you prefer to start with a balanced, nutrition-rich eating plan, you will find that you will have more energy, feel better and lose that unwanted weight.  

As a side note:  Most people agree that smoothies taste better when you drink them through a straw.
There are many smoothie recipes listed on this blog.  Key "smoothie" into the search box for a complete list. 

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